You must be a bold sort of character to have traveled so far in search of these crossroads. Where’d you say you’re from? Well, isn’t that interesting. You’ve come a long way. The local people try to avoid this lonely stop on the old coach road. You see, there’s only one coach that passes through these parts. And it only stops on moonlit nights. Come to think of it, we’ll have a full moon again tonight. But maybe you already knew that. Well, if you’re planning to board that coach, you’re a braver soul than I am.

Now then, I’d better be gettin’ back to my wife. She’ll worry herself sick if I’m still walking this old byway after dark. Tell the truth, she won’t be the only one that’s worried!

Say, why don’t you join my wife and me for dinner? It’s right cold out here. And I reckon it’ll be freezin’ once the sun sinks below those trees. That thin coat you’re wearin’ won’t be much use. My little farm’s not too far from here. You could stay the night in our son’s old room, if you like. After a hot meal and a night in a warm bed, you might think better of catching a ride on that spectral coach.

No? Then I’ll leave you to it. But I’ll wager you’ll have some strange stories to tell after spending a cold night out here at the crossroads – or perhaps you’ll become the story. Good luck to you!